I am a Coach, writer and traveler dedicating my life to creative expression and inspiring the deepest personal power out of everyone I meet. I'm known by my clients for my unwavering approval of all parts of them, and my willingness to cut through niceties and find out what's really there so that it can be loved, healed, and integrated. I specializes in desire based living, self-worth, intuition, purpose, sexuality, masculine/feminine dynamics, and victim consciousness. 

I'm a certified life coach and trusted voice for authentic, purposeful self-actualization and people hire me, essentially, to tell them the truth. 

My Adventure:

I've been traveling the globe, working location independently since 2015. I've lived primarily in Istanbul, Copenhagen and Barcelona with stops in Asia, the Middle East, and all over Europe. I'm originally from Hawaii, studied in California, and was most recently a New Yorker before embarking on my life as a full-time traveler. 

My entire life has been a series of battles between my exalted self (the me fueled by desire, passion, and purpose) and my limited concept of myself (the me driven by fear, limiting beliefs, and conditioning that keeps me small).

My life as a location independent traveler may not seem to have much to do with the mentoring/coaching I do, but it is an example of one of the battles I've won. It represents hard earned freedom that I certainly didn't start out with. It represents courage that I've cultivated. It has taken tremendous dedication to my desire and passion to overcome all the voices, the fears, and the societal conditioning that would have kept me from transforming my life into this fantastic adventure.

But this is what I do. 

I'm in the business of transformation. I'm in the business of courage.

Every day I do what I love: traveling, writing and working with people to help them cultivate courage and transform their lives. I've worked with hundreds of clients and written for millions of readers (and counting...)

If you met me today, you might think I've lived a charmed life because, although I still face challenges every single day, I have learned to feel grateful, fulfilled and at peace with myself. But honestly, there was a time when I could hardly even imagine what a fulfilling life would feel like.

In fact, most of my life has felt like TOTAL INSANITY.

For most of my life, I've felt like there was something deeply wrong with me.

If anyone knows the experience of being stuck, disappointed, or feeling like a failure, I do.  

The story of my stuck life:

In my late 20s I reached a breaking point.

I had spent my adult life struggling with a deep sense of not being good enough. I'd been in a string of relationships that never felt truly connected, and would ultimately each fall apart in the same way: I'd end up feeling bored, the respect and adoration I'd once felt would be gone, and the spark in our sex would die out.  

For a decade I worked in a corporate environment, wearing suits to work and feeling like a square most of the time. I'd meet creative people, people doing important things that they loved and I'd feel invisible. I was dying for people to know who I really was; to see this wild, edgy, creative person inside.

I think the worst part was the loneliness. For me (and I've come to discover, for many other people, as well) it didn't matter where I was or who I was with because a part of me always still seemed to be locked inside myself. I could never be fully me with another person. If I'm honest, I think that was because I thought if I let the real me out, she would ruin everything. Turns out, trying to "do it right,"  and fit in is what actually kept me disconnected. 

I wasn't bringing my full self out to any part of my life so how did I expect to have a life that was aligned with who I felt I really was?

This was a soul-crushing thing to realize about myself because I did not know the way out of it.

So, how did I learn to truly, deeply, freely be me?

I got a coach. 

Coaching has truly been the best investment I've ever made in myself.

My coach helped me to get to know myself in ways I'd never been able to do on my own. I began to understand what was really holding me back and what I was afraid of as well as what I wanted and needed. 

Coaching helped me finally see what was really driving all of my behaviors and patterns. I saw where I thought I was angry when I was actually afraid. I saw where I thought I was taking care of myself when I was actually just terrified of being vulnerable. I saw where I thought I was indifferent when I was actually hurt.  I saw all the ways I was just as dishonest with myself as I was with others.

With much more self-knowledge and a much bigger perspective, I was able to start living more and more authentically. I gained clarity. I knew what was true for me and, therefore, what was good for me. Things that weren't right for me started to gracefully fall away. And instead I began to magnetize the exact experiences and relationships that would actually be fulfilling to me.

Funny how that happens.

My experience working with coaches was so profound that I decided to get certified myself. I enrolled in a 10-month training program, completed my 100 ours of coaching as a trainee, and then started my business. Ever since, my my life has been all about being a guide for others the way my coach is a guide for me. Because I know I never could have done this on my own. I searched for years for someone who could help me, and almost lost hope before I actually found them. 

I'm so glad you found me.