Hi there, I'm Summer.

Photographer based in Los Angeles, telling stories of passion and expression, specializing in intimate portraits of people's souls.

I was a full-time traveler for many years. I've seen the most amazing places and tasted the most exotic foods, appreciated the most gorgeous architecture, and basked in the glory of the most powerful natural wonders. I've taken pictures of it all.

But the thing that's struck me after all this experience is that none of this stuff matters unless you have connection. It's the people that make every experience.

There are so many beautiful things to photograph in this world and I have photographed a lot of them. But the real joy for me is photographing expression and emotion. The moment when my subjects fall out of the pose and start laughing. I wait until they are done trying to look beautiful or cool to take the picture. I wait until who they really are and what they really feel is radiating out of them authentically. I can't describe what it feels like and what it means to me to capture those moments, those feelings.

I just know I totally live for it.