The Gift {A Poem}

 Photo: Antesa Jensen

Photo: Antesa Jensen

I've been given the most amazing gift. 

It's more valuable than skill or even talent.

More valuable than results, than arrival, than mastery.

I have been granted the gift of a persistent and maddening craving to create.

The gift of pure, unadulterated desire.

And its message reverberates throughout my body so loudly that I can't not hear it.

"Make shit. Go deep in and far out to touch it and work that shit through you! Channel it and transmit it. Make it gorgeous. Share that shit with everyone."

This message calls me back to God, to connection, to the earth, and always to myself.

Every day. "Let me consume you. Let me guide you. Let me free you. Let me show you all the sparkling wonders of this life."

It does the hardest parts for me: the true wanting, the being pulled toward, the reason why, the what and the how.

My desire is the kindling of a riveting and fulfilling life.

It provides.

If I choose to receive.

If I choose to let it lead me.

If I choose to trust it.