"Why do I need a COACH?"

When things are going pretty well it's tempting to say "I'm doing fine on my own. I don't need help."

It's taken me years to freely acknowledge that I always have more work to do, and that doing it improves my life.

Whatever it is we mean to accomplish in this life, none of us can can stay conscious and awake on any path for long without regular perspective checks that disrupt our habituated patterns from taking the drivers seat.

We need to regularly blow our perspective open to see more than what our limited self-concept allows us to believe is possible for us.

We need our stories and beliefs challenged every step of the way by a neutral, outside presence.

A coach is a neutral person whose clear sight and well-calibrated bullshit radar help you uncover what's true for you.

A coach shows up and puts their entire attention on you with a commitment to not let any of your stories or limiting beliefs slip through the cracks unchallenged -- no matter how inappropriate or awkward it feels to tell you the truth.

A coach is much more invested in your personal freedom and awakening than they are in you liking them so a coach will never half-ass it with you by simply telling you what you want to hear.

A coach can see you more objectively than your friends and family and truly believes in and will always advocate for your limitless potential.

A coach has done a tremendous amount of personal work in order to be a clear, neutral presence who won't play into your stories and won't get hooked into reinforcing them for you.

A coach has cultivated the belief that all are capable of living, loving, and working authentically and in perfect integrity with their truths. A coach will challenge you and train you to live from that perspective every step of the way.

A coach helps you challenge your version of reality so that you can break free from it.


Here's hOW WE begin: 

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