I'm Summer and I believe in beCOMING radically, profoundly ourselves.

I'm a warrior for self-actualization. I KNOW you can have the great-big, deep, beautiful, authentic, fulfilling life you want... I am so sure of it to the extent that you might actually think I'm kind of a kook for being so sure - but trust me - it's only because I struggled so hard myself before discovering a whole alternate-reality way of approaching my life that totally changed me forever.

We all have an internal concept of who we are, which has been shaped by our family and culture. This sense of self operates unconsciously and determines what we are able to successfully create in our lives.

And for most of us, our sense of self is limiting.

It tells us we can have success in some areas but that success in other areas are off limits to us. This is why some people have wonderful luck in love but are baffled when it comes to finding success or purpose. Meanwhile, others may be financially successful but find that they feel unqualified to live a creative life.

For many of us, our family example and our common cultural beliefs have shaped an unconscious sense of self that limits what kind of life we have been able to create.

I want to help you remove the limiting beliefs that keep you from having the heart-bursting, gut-wrenching, inspiring, luscious life that you deserve.

By the time we're done, you'll know you can have it, because you'll be HAVING IT.

You'll need to go deep down to transform your foundations: the doubts, fears, shame and beliefs that keep you stuck. But it's worth it.

I'll help you recreate yourself from the inside out. It's hard work, but trust me: It ACTUALLY works.