I'm Summer and I'm all about beCOMING radically, profoundly ourselves...

... So that our lives feel authentically ours, so that we feel deeply nourished by our connections, and so that every day we have the choice to feel inspired and passionate.

I KNOW you can have the great-big, deep, beautiful, authentic, fulfilling life you are meant to have. Truly, I know you could even be having it right now without "fixing" anything.

If I sound really confident it's because I have seen hundreds of people shift their whole experience of life simply by doing the work to shift their perspectives and thought patterns.

We all have an internal concept of who we are, which has been shaped by our family, culture and individual experiences. This sense of self operates unconsciously and determines what we believe is possible for us in each moment.

And for many of us, our sense of self and our views on what's possible are very limiting.

They tell us we can have fulfillment in some areas but that fulfillment in other areas is off limits to us. This is why some people are naturals when it comes to love but are baffled when it comes to finding success or purpose. Meanwhile, others may be naturals at creating wealth but find that they feel unqualified to live a creative life.

I want to help you reframe everything that keeps you from creating the life that you know, deep down, you were meant to live.

By the time we're done, you'll know you can have it, because you'll be HAVING IT.

You'll need to have an open mind. You'll need to be willing to retire your perspectives and adopt new ones. You'll need to go deep down to transform your foundations: the doubts, fears, shame and beliefs that keep you stuck. But it's worth it.

I'll help you recreate yourself from the inside out. It's hard work, but trust me: It ACTUALLY works.