How will working together change your life? 

When we coach, you shift who you know yourself to be, and the whole world begins to respond.

You change from the inside out, and your life begin to change as a result of that.

How, you might ask?

I help you to know and understand yourself better than you ever have before.

This may surprise you (or perhaps it won't) but most people I talk to aren't aware of most of what what's actually driving them.

For most of us, it's an insane chorus of internal voices all yelling at us to do different things.

We may not realize it, but if we aren't examining our every motivation, our every fear, our every passion and really understanding how all of these things are creating our circumstances, then our lives are on autopilot. 

For those of us who tend get stuck in the same patterns again and again, this can be a killer.

And here's the kicker: Even if we're thoroughly examining how we're showing up to our lives, there's a lot we simply can't see on our own because we are limited by our own blind spots, our own subjective version of our situation.

This is exactly why so many of us, try as we might, have yet to profoundly change our lives.

Really knowing yourself makes all the difference.

It allows us to make different choices and take brand new actions which lead to different experiences.

The truth is all of your very real-seeming "problems" are likely not what you think. They're likely symptoms of unexamined feelings, instincts, desires, beliefs and fears.

Once we know what's really going on and are able reconcile with ourselves, often these problems stop being problems and instead become signposts on our path toward what we really want.

I'm here to be a fierce and loyal advocate for that wildly magical person inside of you who wants to be free to do all that you dream of.

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 I offer a complimentary, in-depth, 90-minute consultation to those interested in coaching with me. 

You bring your desire for so much more in life and I'll bring the most exquisite attention anyone's ever given you - and together we'll get you clear on exactly what you want, what's in the way of you having it now (which is never actually what you think it is), and what it will take for you to move forward and create it.

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