How will working together change your life? 

You change from the inside out, and your life begins to change as a result of that.

How, you might ask?

Everything I do is geared toward pointing you back to yourself and your truth. I help you to know and understand yourself better than you ever have before.

This may surprise you (or perhaps it won't) but most people aren't aware of most of what what's actually driving their behaviors and choices.

We may not realize it, but if we aren't seeing clearly our every motivation, our every fear, and our every passion and really understanding how all of these things are creating our circumstances, then our lives are on autopilot. 

This is why we often repeat the same patterns again and again.

And here's the kicker: Even if we're thoroughly examining how we're showing up to our lives, there's a lot we simply can't see on our own because we are limited by our own blind spots, our own subjective version of our situation.

This is exactly why so many of us, try as we might, have yet to make the profound change we want to see in our lives.

Really knowing ourselves makes all the difference.

It allows us to make different choices and take brand new actions which lead to different experiences.

The truth is all of your very real-seeming "problems" are likely not what you think. They're the results of unexamined feelings, instincts, desires, beliefs and fears that simply magnify in volume and create roadblocks for you in an attempt to get your attention.

Once you know what's really going on and are able reconcile with yourself, often these problems stop being problems and instead become signposts on your path toward what you really want.

My job is to help you understand your truth support you in giving it the attention it deserves so that your life can flow as it's meant to. 


Here's how we begin: 

1. Fill out the application below

2. After I read your application, I'll reach out to schedule time for us to talk. Our initial session is as valuable to me as it is to you in determining if we both want to work together, so I offer this consultation session free-of-charge.

3. If we're both excited to work together, we talk about what that would look like. I'll suggest a length of time, frequency of sessions, and we'll discuss the financial investment.

4. We'll schedule our first session and I'll send you an invoice.

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