I am a Coach, writer, filmmaker and traveler dedicating my life to creative expression and inspiring the deepest personal power out of everyone I meet.

I'm known by my clients for my unwavering approval of all parts of them, and my willingness to cut through niceties and find out what's really there so that it can be loved, healed, integrated and used to further their dreams and goals. I specializes in desire based living, self-worth, intuition, purpose, sexuality, masculine/feminine dynamics, and victim consciousness. 

My coaching philosophy:

I am a radically different person than I was ten years ago and I attribute that, in large part, to coaching. When I say I believe in the power of outside perspective, it's not only because of the change I've witnessed in others through our coaching, or because outside perspective and feedback loops are scientifically proven to aid in growth and skill; It's also deeply personal.

I am a huge advocate in seeking out other human beings who have taken it upon themselves to do extensive personal excavation and training, and hiring them to put their quality attention on us while we seek to more deeply understand ourselves and how we experience our world. 

Coaching isn't about offering advice from the perspective of an expert. I believe we are all the expert of our own lives and that if we feel lost or stuck in any area of our lives, it's simply because we have lost access to our intuition. We've given more weight to pressures, expectations, and "shoulds" than we have given to our own tender, vulnerable desires and needs. Often we do this because we have been trained to not even be able to hear our own voices amid the buzz of societal and interpersonal expectations. So the coaching I do is never about adding another voice (mine) to the buzz of "shoulds" in my client's heads. It's always about steering my clients back toward their own voice; to their own truth.