"I’m profoundly grateful to Summer"

I’m profoundly grateful to Summer for her invaluable assistance and support as my life coach. I worked with Summer in her coaching program for several months in order to work out what was holding me back in my life - I felt stuck and unable to get to the career opportunities I wanted and the way I wanted to feel in my life. She helped me drill down below the surface issues to find root causes, and then offered genuine support and effective pathways to confronting and healing those root issues. 

Summer is compassionate, truthful, and skilled at asking the questions we either don’t or won’t ask ourselves. Summer helped me deal with my feelings of fear, unworthiness, and perpetual danger. She helped me find where I was, in fact, brave, worthy, and safe. This completely transformed and opened up my life and I could not have done it without her guidance and support. I strongly recommend engaging Summer as your life coach if you find yourself in a position where you need some help moving forward, upward, or inward in your life. 

And may I add - she’s also delightful to talk to. She offers her wisdom with warm humor and a friendly, easy manner.

-Rachel S., Texas