"Working with Summer has been amazing."

Working with Summer has been amazing. She has a natural ability to lead you through some really important inner work while still keeping the conversation really practical and grounded. Even though it's been tough work, it's also been  A TON of fun. I felt immediately at ease and comfortable opening up to Summer, and most importantly, without feeling judged or invalidated. 

Through our work together over the last six months, she has slowly unpeeled the layers of gunk that were in my way to help me uncover the real motivation/fear behind what's holding me back from my true desires. She has an intuitive ability to call me out on any BS that may be clouding my true motivations and desires, and then helps me sit with what that means. To work with Summer you really have to be ready, open and vulnerable to "go there"  and then be willing to do something about it.  

Each session I have had with her has led to several aha! moments - further sparked by her ability to conjure up the perfect article, quote or experience at the right time. Since stopping our weekly sessions a month ago, I continue to get more clarity: stronger with trusting my own gut, setting the right intentions and living out my true desires. I'm sure Summer and I will work together again, and I look forward to check-in sessions with her in the future to help keep me on track.  If you're looking (and ready!) to "go there", I absolutely challenge you to begin working with Summer. 

-Melina P., Washington D.C.